David Dilworth is the author and editor of the largest database of environmental impacts providing the “best available science” on over 1,000 different kinds of environmental harms, mitigations, and thoughtful, reasonable alternatives to avoid¬†those harms.

Dilworth Environmental Consulting can provide you with the most credible environmental research and documentation using the best available science for environmental impacts that is fully legally and ethically defensible.

Carmel Bay and Poppies

We have more than a quarter Century of detailed expertise in a wide range of environmental impacts and how those environmental impacts interface with some dozen environmental laws including Environmental Process laws (CEQA, NEPA), Animal & Plant (ESA) Protection, Forest Protection, Clean Air, Clean Water, Wilderness and Wetlands Protection, Coastal Protection, and Chemical & Pesticide Restrictions.

Our detailed environmental impact expertise includes pollution (of air, water and by chemicals, pesticides, noise and light), water systems, road congestion and effects on endangered species, ecosystems and human health. Our library of environmental science books and papers may be the largest outside the US-EPA.

We also provide expertise in Public Participation science and law including Open Meetings (Brown Act and FACA), Public Records Access and Privacy.

“David is the only person I know who reads law books – for fun !” — Robin S. (esteemed California Attorney)

Dilworth has written dozens of articles and given numerous conference workshops and seminars on environmental impacts and California and federal environmental laws for conferences up and down the West Coast.

David has lectured on environmental science, law and policy for Monterey Institute of International Studies, and on environmental law for Monterey College of Law. His most popular class / workshops include the fundamentals of Environmental Impacts: How do you determine a baseline for noise, light or chemical pollution? How do you determine a credible Threshold of Significance for an impact?

He wrote the very first Conservation Plan for Monterey pine ecosystems, has served as lead author of several adopted Environmental Protection ordinances (including a local Leaf Blower Ordinance with an extensive Noise component), has prepared several Model General Plan Elements for the non-profit Helping Our Peninsula’s Environment and offered them free for public use:

1. Noise Element Primary author with co-editor Dr. Hank Medwin. The late Dr. Herman Medwin of Pebble Beach was one of the world’s most highly qualified and respected Acousticians. Dr. Medwin was a Fellow, a Gold Medalist, and Past President of the Acoustical Society of America.¬†

(A Noise Element is required by California General Plan Law)

2. Conservation Elements for Forest and Ecosystem Protection peer reviewed by dozens of environmental scientists and environmental attorneys

(A Conservation Element is required by California General Plan Law)

3. Safety: Light and Radiation Pollution Element (not required)

4. Safety: Pesticide Safety Element (not required)

Non-Profit Service

David’s volunteer dedication began in the 1980’s and now easily exceeds 15,000 hours. Called a “hyperactivist” by the media, some of his work included serving on many non-profit boards including “Save America’s Forests” in Washington DC and the Sierra Club’s National Air Quality Committee. Locally he co-founded and served as Executive Director of HOPE (Helping Our Peninsula’s Environment). He also chaired Sierra Club’s California Air Quality Committee, has Co-Chaired Responsible Consumers of Our Monterey Peninsula since 1994, served on the Board of Friends of Carmel Forest, served as an Officer of Carmel-by-the-Sea’s historic association Carmel Heritage, and organized writing the Mission and Bylaws for Carmel Resident’s Association with Judge Gordon Campbell and Al Eisner. David also enjoyed a wonderful decade encouraging young scientists as a Head Judge for Monterey County’s Science Fair.

Government Service

David currently serves on California EPA’s Cleanup Advisory Board for Fort Ord (Fort Ord is the second largest US Military base ever closed). He recently served on Pacific Grove’s Urban Forest Advisory Committee in 2011-2012, the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District’s Carmel River Advisory Committee and AMBAG’s Technical Advisory Committee on Population Forecasts. Service on Pacific Grove’s 2006 Campaign Finance Reform Committee and the 2009 Leaf Blower Ordinance formation Committee each resulted in the adoption of leading edge legislation.

You can put David’s expertise to work on your project.

Dilworth Environmental Consulting

P.O. Box 100

Carmel, Ca 93921 USA


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  1. Michelle Neubert says:

    Hi Dave — we haven’t met but my brother knows you from high school.
    Have been unable to find a phone number for you — but email better anyway.

    Bottom line for me is :
    1. Monterey Pine forests need to be put under Park Protection.
    Saw that Santa Cruz has done so with +5,000 acres of redwood.
    And including undeveloped coastline being absorbed into the federal monterey
    bay sanctuary area.

    2. Pebble Beach needs to be broken up the way Fort Ord was. 8 square miles
    of land monopoly in the 2000s is an 1800s land grant now defunct.
    Possibly if the real, actual road paving costs could be shown to be intermingled with public tax moneys — that part of all the gates entry fees could be returned to the public, and cities started with, or annexed to, or bought for park areas.

    3. Educate the public that trees are hard money, dollar assets that product profits.
    increase real estate value, offset carbon, animal homes, weather moderators saving
    energy bills, etc. Right now most people think there are just ”there” with little value.
    Money talks, beauty does not.

    I have been going to the Area D development meetings started by Hemphill and sub-group on 2 Tuesdays of month. Their goals are on Pacific Grove trees and the Area D just down from SFB Morse gate. I am tired of fighting the little battles and loosing the big ones.

    These are my goals and ideas. Please call or email me if you can think of where to
    direct them.
    Michelle Neubert

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