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Its OUR Environment, not “The” Environment

(c) Copyright 2015 David Dilworth Ever try breathing air from another planet? Or eating vegetables grown in another solar system ? Of course not. We all breathe air from the same atmosphere and eat food grown from the same rain. … Continue reading

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Extinction is Truly Forever

(c) Copyright 2005-2013 David Dilworth Some claim that toxic pollution or burning fossil fuels is the most devastating damage humans have done to our earth. Now of course, those are deadly serious problems, but are they the longest lasting harm … Continue reading

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Radiation or Radioactivity – Whats the Difference?

Mainstream news stories almost always confuse the very different terms Radiation (like x-rays) and Radioactive (physical materials; fallout), which are significantly distinct things. Radiation means visible light and all of its invisible cousins: electromagnetic waves including X-rays, gamma rays and … Continue reading

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Part 1: What’s the difference between a Forest Ecologist, a Biologist, a Forester, an Arborist, and a Horticulturist ?

Copyright 2003-2011 David Dilworth An Ecologist is explicitly trained in the health of the interdependence of all biota in an ecosystem. A forest ecologist is trained in the health of interdependence of forest biota.   While Biologists generally care about … Continue reading

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