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California Red-legged Frog (Rana Aurora Draytonii) are long-time Peninsula residents

Mark Twain first found fame for writing an account of a jumping frog contest in Calaveras County. While the story may be apocryphal, the “Celebrated Frogs” of Mark Twain’s article, the California red-legged frogs, as the largeset native frogs in … Continue reading

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Risk Assessment is a License to Kill

(c) Copyright 2001-2013 David j Dilworth “Risk Assessment” is Fraud. It  is actually a highly disguised political choice to commit deadly harm. It actually answers the perverse question “How can I get away with all the environmental and human damage … Continue reading

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How Can I Find Genuine Pesticide-Free Food?

(c) Copyright 2001-2013 David Dilworth Repeat after me — Pesticides are deadly poisons. They are explicitly intended, designed, manufactured, used and applied to kill. Period. Exclamation Point ! Pesticides have been intentionally applied abundantly to most food we consume in … Continue reading

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So What are Bacteria Anyway?

I still remember my stunned delight upon learning from world renowned Forest Ecologist Arthur Partridge that every cubic inch of (healthy) forest soil harbors at least 1,000 different species of microbes. Here’s a stunning review article about bacteria and how … Continue reading

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Radiation or Radioactivity – Whats the Difference?

Mainstream news stories almost always confuse the very different terms Radiation (like x-rays) and Radioactive (physical materials; fallout), which are significantly distinct things. Radiation means visible light and all of its invisible cousins: electromagnetic waves including X-rays, gamma rays and … Continue reading

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You Can’t Pave Your Way Out of Congestion !

“Building more lanes to cure congestion is like loosening your belt to cure obesity.” 1) There is now overwhelming evidence, including a nationwide study of 70 metropolitan areas over 15 years (Texas Transportation Institute), and another California specific study (Hansen … Continue reading

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Silence is Golden © Copyright David Dilworth 2002

Silence is a subject very different from noise. Noise is unwanted sound, while Silence is a valuable positive phenomena (not a resource) which can and should be protected. Silence can be mapped as areas enjoying continuous periods where no man-made … Continue reading

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Encyclopedia of Life

“Global access to knowledge about life on Earth” Encyclopedia of Life is a vision by E.O Wilson to document the best available science about the diversity of life on our planet. As of this writing it includes pages on 938,658 … Continue reading

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Monterey Peninsula Faces Water Poisoning Threat From Anti-Science Fluoridation Activists

(c) Copyright 2001-2012 David Dilworth  Monterey County’s so-called “Health Department” in 2003 was taking steps to put a rat poison, called fluoride, in our Peninsula’s drinking water supply as directed by a recent and extremely controversial state law that was … Continue reading

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How Ecological Interdependence Affects You

How Ecological Interdependence Affects You or Why We Can’t Stop Holding Hands with all our Biota Neighbors Copyright 2002-2012 David Dilworth Sea Otters and Kelp (c) Copyright 2008 David Dilworth Here are some principles and examples of how very different … Continue reading

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