Silence is Golden © Copyright David Dilworth 2002



Silence is a subject very different from noise.

Noise is unwanted sound, while Silence is a valuable positive phenomena (not a resource) which can and should be protected.

Silence can be mapped as areas enjoying continuous periods where no man-made sounds are apparent (none exceed 35 dBA).

Cicadas and frogs can often be heard for as much as a half mile, but they are not human caused noise.

Silence is extremely rare on the Monterey Peninsula. I have measured the ambient sound level in Jeffers Forest at 14 dbA during fresh fog (before fog dripping starts) at about 4:30 am. I can personally testify that it is quieter than the softest audible whisper. The minimum continuous sound in Jeffers Forest in Pebble Beach is below 30 decibels on the “A” scale.

To me, the natural undamaged-by-human silent serenity inside our natural Monterey Pine Forest in Pebble Beach is an astoundingly wonderful unforgettable experience.

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