“There’s no such thing as computer illiteracy.

There is only badly written software.”

from the original Manual for Instant-Office, by David Dilworth

We can help solve your Information problem.

Our satisfied clients include Stanford University, PC Magazine, award winning Hollywood screenwriters, Digital Research (yep, Gary Kildall’s magic factory), the City of Monterey and village of Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Since 1983 (now over 30 years – whew !) we have provided data recovery services, information systems and software you simply don’t have to worry about. Dilworth Consulting began by providing systems engineering, software, hardware and information services to big and small businesses. We provide the highest quality reliable systems available and tune them to run nearly effortlessly.

In 1986 the hardware business was sold, and we focused on developing and providing the world’s first Contact Management program – Instant-Office™. It was the first commercial program to both dial and provide mail list management. It soon arrived in PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice column. Version 4 is sold today to run on Windows, Linux, and more than a dozen operating systems including CPM-86 (whatever that is).

On a parallel track we have been providing systems design and improvements for large and small businesses. From lost data, to well-behaved multi-user data applications, to solving problems with LANs and operating systems (Windows, Linux, and DOS based systems) and brand new – Photograph correction services.

You can have your dreams.

We can provide you with the competence and creativity to get you there –

You can call us right now at 831-624-6500.

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