High Voltage PC Software

Here is some of the Highest Quality PC Software that is mostly free. I have tested all of the programs personally and found them highly useful and reliable.

File Management (Painless, Single-key Image View) – ZtreeWin

(This software is simply outstanding! ZtreeWin is so useful, so good, and so reliable it should come with every computer. It is not free, but it is inexpensive. Thank you Kim Henkel.)

Anti-Virus: Avira (free for personal use)

(I no longer use Anti virus products from McAfee, Norton or any products from Symantec. I am not alone in having less than satisfactory experiences with their products and support. On my own systems, in business and when I help friends these are the first products I remove and replace them with Avira; it is problem free (the others aren’t) and does not noticeably slow your computer down !

Anti-Virus: Kaspersky Anti-Virus (free for 30 days)

Kaspersky may catch a few different and newer viruses than Avira, as they do intense leading edge research, but it is not free and it is 173 megabytes to download. You might try Avira and if anything gets through, then consider paying for Kaspersky.

Virus Resistant Web Browsers

Opera (free)
FireFox (free)

(I never use MicroSquish Internet Explorer as an overwhelming number of viruses are written to directly attack through this perpetually leaky and slow browser.

Macs? Anyone who tells you Apples/Macs have no viruses is bragging about their own ignorance – Can you spell “Flashback” . . .)

PDF Viewer (very fast, You can Cut from a PDF to paste text elsewhere, but cannot edit the PDF) 

Spyware Removal — Spybot

Images / Pictures:

Image Viewer and Resizer (Instant Raw and Jpg) – IrfanView (free)

(Instant view of a single image; supports almost every one of hundreds of photographic image file formats including Raws. Thank you Irfan Skiljan)

Image Viewer, fast from thumbnails (with one-key Raw file convert to view)

FastStone (free)

Shrink Photos Easily for Better Emails (for free)

Here’s a helpful site that will shrink your photos so you don’t CLOG up your friends’ emails with giant RAW photos PicResize.com

To test your browser to see if Java is installed or not click Here

And finally – whatever needs you have to adjust or correct images I strongly refuse to ever use Photoshop; seriously.

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