Only One Earth . . .

Earth From Orbit, Credit: NASA

Returning from Orbit a Space Shuttle Astronaut wisely observed —


“The first day we all pointed to our countries.

. . .

“The third or fourth day we were pointing to our continents.

. . .

“By the fifth day we were aware of only one Earth.”

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I Don’t Give em Hell, I just Tell the Truth and they think its Hell

President Harry S Truman

President Harry S Truman

“I don’t give them Hell. I just tell the truth about them and they think it’s Hell.”
US President Harry Truman

That pretty well describes my experience in local politics.

Mark Twain, my father’s favorite humorist, said

“Always do right. this will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

Mark Twain and Will Rogers are proof that if you want to tell the truth in politics, it helps to have humorist skills.

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Admissions “Scandal” is Unethical – But they’re putting Parents in Jail with a “Catch-All” Law

I’ve been wondering why the Admissions Scandal is a crime.

Bribe -Enforcement Cherry Picked

Bribe -Enforcement Cherry Picked

Bribes” to get a child into a University – why is that a crime? Who does it harm ?

Sure it seems unethical and maybe immoral to pay a for-profit college to admit your child when someone who can’t pay the bribe rate gets rejected. – But a jailable crime ?

Most Universities are for-profit corporations who deliberately limit “shelf space” for students. If a student is rejected, they could potentially sue the University in civil court.

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There’s No Such Thing as “Necessary Cookies”

What a load of @#$%^ Hogswallop !

In 1986 I wrote in front of the manual for my award winning software Instant-Office –

“There’s no such thing as computer illiteracy. There is only badly written software.”

That holds true today.

The new twist is that corporate surveillance wants your data.
So they lie to you, over, and over, and over – getting you to falsely believe you NEED to have cookies or their precious website won’t work. Continue reading

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Which Peninsula Police Dept. Illegally & Cruelly Threw a Disabled Woman and her Puppy Out of Her Home – Onto the Street into the Winter Cold?

Desperate Woman

Woman without Hope

What lessons have we learned from George Floyd’s murder by outrageous police conduct?

Most experts say reform has to start at the local level – with transparency and oversight.

Have you heard about an ongoing local police outrage? Here’s a question for you.

Which Peninsula Police Dept. helped illegally throw a disabled woman (who was paying rent) out of a home she was renting in violation of California and Federal eviction bans?

Here’s the story — A local landlord wanted to evict a disabled woman, but he didn’t want to waste time doing it correctly or legally, so he tried a novel method and didn’t even show up in court. The Judge was not amused and summarily dismissed his request. Meaning – “No, you cannot evict this woman.”

But did that stop this evil landlord’s stubbornness?

Nope. Didn’t slow him down at all. He just called our local police to stand by while they threw the woman out and falsely told them he had a court order for eviction. Continue reading

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COVID-19 Pandemic will Only End With a Cure – Not with a Vaccine

Crowd Cheering

Crowd Cheering

COVID-19 vaccines are all the media and pundits talk about.

But even the best vaccines have some problems. Sadly they are not the best answer to COVID.

Vaccines will not get us back to normal. Normal as in – not wearing masks, not worrying about kids at school, traveling, dating, shaking hands, and most importantly –  giving and getting air kisses.

Do you want to wear a mask for the rest of your (social) life?

The current estimate is that COVID-19 vaccines being developed will not work for most people. Researchers are hoping it will work for 50% (to at most maybe 75%) of patients.

FDA insists that no vaccine will be approved unless it is effective in half the people. 

Now Fifty Percent Immunity is nothing to (forgive me) sneeze at. It will definitely help. But, 50% will not get us back to normal. Continue reading

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Bradley Zeve & Weak Coastly’s Superficial and Harmful Candidate Endorsements

Bradly Zeve’s Weak Coastly once again lives up to its horrible reputation for erratic, irrational, superficial, (and alarmingly often business interests over residents) and harmful election endorsements.

Zeve and WC endorsed Republican Casey Lucius in 2012 who admitted she would never make a Council decision favoring our environment — along with endorsing with the shudderingly awful Bill Kampf who dismantled the City Tree protection ordinance and City Historic Preservation and wanted to get rid of the Planning Commission. (Kampf was too dumb to realize Planning Commissions are created by state law and a city cannot get rid of them.) Continue reading

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A Grandmother’s Wit, Wisdom, and Caring

My Grandmother Freda, 12th of 13 children, was quite a wit. Her well-off farming parents were possibly the first family to settle and farm what is now called Clovis. Then, there was not a single chunk of Nicholson’s Pavement as far as the eye could see. But now, that city has no native surface soil – its all pavement and buildings.

In any case, Freda embraced a grand life to 97 years and never used glasses . . . drank right out of the bottle.

No, I’m totally kidding. Like me, she never drank alcohol. Wouldn’t even let my Grandfather sell their grapes to make wine. So the grapes were all sold for Table grapes and Sun-Maid Raisins. I was so thrilled and proud to find her Sun-Maid Raisins in a Norwegian store – I brought her back a package.

After her daughter (our mom) died, Freda Grandmother guided our ethical and moral growth with good examples and witty aphorisms. Continue reading

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Simple Honor Code Guides a Gentleman’s Life

Joel Dilworth Portrait by Bob Doerr

Joel John Pershing Dilworth – Portrait by Bob Doerr

Joel John Pershing Dilworth lived a full life; a life as a Truly Honorable Gentleman.

When I concluded his memorial service with those words people rose to their feet in thunderous applause. Many came up to me afterwards to say that those words perfectly captured his persona.

My Father’s honorable character was first formed by his mother setting good ethics examples. Later it was honed by his experience as Boy Scout leader serving as an Eagle Scout. But it was West Point Military Academy where he found the honor code he embraced and espoused in writing. Continue reading

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Pacific Grove’s Dog Toilet Park – formerly protected as Pacific Grove’s Rip Van Winkle Open Space

Introducing PG’s Dog Toilet Park

formerly protected as Pacific Grove’s Rip Van Winkle Open Space

PG's Dog Toilet Park

Pacific Grove’s Dog Toilet ParkEcosystem and Serenity Destroyed by Dog Walkers

Growing up near Pebble Beach forests, my friends introduced me to the magical forests later protected as the Rip Van Winkle Open Space.

A quiet place away from the car and truck noises of the town. A place were you could see rare birds and friendly animals.

We explored and ran through that forest. Spending so much time there we knew individual trees, even named a few. Once while waiting for friends, I fell asleep up in an accommodating oak tree. Continue reading

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Why are you using the term “Special” Interest when the correct & Far Clearer term is “Financial” Interest ?



Business Lobbyist claims she’s representing “public interest.”

At an April 2002 Monterey County Planning Commission General Plan Update hearing, a Monterey Peninsula business lobbyist, Nancy Isakson, after stating she was hired to represent Salinas Valley Business interests – claimed she was working in the “public interest.”

What do you think of that?

Can someone be advocating for profit be representing the public interest?

Are public interests about the financial wealth of the greedy or the human health of the needy; those who need protection from the greedy? Continue reading

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New Zealand’s Public Relations “Purity” is a Fraud

When you think of New Zealand – do you think fun Hobbits, clean air, pristine rolling green hills, majestic Fiords, maybe exciting volcanos and fantastic female Prime Minister Jacinda – and of course Sheep?

All true.

But when New Zealand advertising claims “100% Pure” . . . uhhh . . .

Yeah, No – Not quite.

After living for a few months on the wilder of the two main New Zealand islands, the magnificent South Island, driving some 5,000 kilometers (3,000 miles) and meeting hundreds of Kiwis (New Zealand nationals or residents), I discovered a very different experience from its “100% pure” reputation. Continue reading

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Prius Secret Tips

Its quite a pleasure to get 52 miles to the gallon on the open road with my 2006 Prius. (And I just learned a new driving technique that seems to dramatically increase that ! – called Pulse & Glide – thanks to “dolj” on Priuschat.)

Recently my amazement / bragging about the Prius Fuel economy, inspired a friend to get a 2018 Prius that gets much better gas mileage than my 2006. The week after she bought it (new) she called me three times – “David, I’m getting 70 miles to the gallon.” – Next call — “David, I’m getting 92 miles to the gallon.” and the last call “David, I’m getting 102 miles to the gallon.

Wow !

Now she’s driving a Plug-in Prius  – which mine is not. And she was driving only a few miles to work and back home on the charge she got from the plug-in. Never-the-less, she took a friend to an event some 3 hours away loaded with luggage for two (2) and got a solid 80 miles per gallon on that journey. I’m impressed.

Here are some tips for my Generation (Gen 2) that are hard to find – or not clearly spelled out in the Manual.

1. How to Reset / Reboot a Prius when it won’t Jump-Start.

This is a tip I discovered by myself, when I was resigned to spending hundreds of dollars having my Prius towed to the dealer to have some electric module replaced. I had tried jump starting it with two different cars and my portable jump starter – with no success. While waiting for a tow truck, I remembered a trick I had used on a BMW. Amazingly, and thankfully – It worked. Here’s how to do it.

a) Remove one Battery lead – the small 12 volt battery – not the huge 400 volt traction battery under the back seat. Continue reading

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Protected: How to Quadruple California Train Commuters – without spending any Funds

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If its Not Coal or Oil – Wind generators must be good, or at least we don’t have any other choice. – NPR Gets it Wrong, So Wrong.

Dead Seagull, torn apart

Dead Seagull, Torn Apart

Would you support an industry that kills millions of birds every year, including Endangered species?

Last night I heard an appalling NPR Radio broadcast on Wind Generators that so deeply disappointed me I wrote a note to the Producer and Reporter.


James Morrison, Producer
Joshua Johnson, Host
NPR – 1A

Hello James and Joshua,

Tsk, Tsk. Not Up to Your Usual Standards.

Until last evening I have often enjoyed your 1A programs.

But your project last night on Wind Generators “Renewable Energy And Resistance” was painfully awful to listen to (even though I learned one tiny idea).

You should know, and be ashamed of, how your show was terribly biased, totally one-sided in favor of Wind Generators and “let’s ignore the harms.”

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Selfish US

Greedy - taking away from others

Greedy – taking away from others

Less than 60 seconds after I passed the US Border driving back from British Columbia a white pickup pulled out in front of me, making me slam on my brakes.

In Canada, it would never occur to them to do such a rude act.

In that moment I realized Americans are the most self-centered – most selfish people in the world.

In all the years I’ve spent in other countries, I’ve never encountered such systematic blatant, selfishness as I see in the US. Continue reading

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Arthritis Cured with Apple Cider Vinegar

Joel J Dilworth on Bars at West Point

Joel J Dilworth on Bars at West Point

Joel J. P. Dilworth was a West Point Gymnast who, among other talents, was amazing on the Rings. Although the Pommel Horse (spinning your body horizontally supported only by your hands) is difficult, most gymnasts will tell you Rings are the most demanding gymnastics.

It’s one thing for a person to pull his body up to and through rings with arms that are near the body, but elite male gymnasts do this with their arms completely straight. The farther away from the body a gymnast holds his arms, the less leverage he has to move his body upward… [They] need to have an incredible amount of core strength to counteract that reduction in the leverage.”

Still not convinced? Look up “The Maltese.”

After graduating West Point and serving some decades as an admired well-respected US Army officer, he was assigned to San Francisco’s Presidio where sadly, he acquired a nasty case of arthritis in his feet. Walking the few hundred yards (meters) to his office became terribly painful and took a good half hour. His doctor tried several things, but nothing helped. Continue reading

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Joel John Pershing Dilworth – a Military Diplomat

Setting a High Diplomacy Bar

Lt. Col. Joel J. P. Dilworth

Due to his gracious manners and thoughtfulness, Joel  Dilworth served as a diplomat for the US Army, perhaps the only one they ever had.

Thanks to General Patton recommending him, General McArthur selected Joel for the job as Liaison with the Japanese Military to help them build their Military academy after WWII. (A Liaison had  somewhat more respect than the “standard” military Attache who assisted State Dept. diplomats.)

The Japanese Military had such a high regard for him, they invited him to design the Academy tower – which still stands today.

One might wonder if that gentle facade had any un-diplomatic moments. Well, knowing him closely for more than half a century, I had the opportunity to hear this gentleman’s most disagreeable comments about others. Here are the worst. Continue reading

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Biden 2020 – Fraudulent Fox in Democrat’s Hen House

Biden Scowling - Caught Lying - Again

Biden Scowling – Caught Lying – Again

Biden 2020 – Fraudulent Fox in Democrat’s Hen House

Research by Biden Fact Squad, Roots Action

Biden vs Students: Making Student Loans Unforgiveable

“Biden was a key architect of the infamous 2005 Bankruptcy [Deform] bill which made means tests much more strict and near-impossible to discharge student loans in bankruptcy.” 

–Journalist Ryan Cooper, The Week (3-20-19)

Biden’s Racism – Disemboweling Affirmative Action

“Much of what Democrats blame Republicans for was enabled, quite literally, by Biden: Justices whose confirmation to the Supreme Court he rubber-stamped worked to disembowel affirmative action . . .”

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BEFORE YOU BUY TRACFONE – you need to know this — (and Never, ever buy América Móvil stock)

Tracfone (owned by América Móvil ) somehow screws up my phone so it can’t make calls.

bellingcat - Using Phone Contact Book Apps For Digital Research ...Then to fix their mistake they try to make me responsible for their error.

After speaking with at least 4 “Support staff” (the earlier ones either cut me off or were incompetent) Tracfone arrogantly tells me the only way to fix it is to Reset my Phone to its origin state.

The gigantic problem with that is there is no way to back up this Tracfone !!!

And Tracfone won’t provide a Backup program or tell you one that works.

So they try to shove the burden on me to find some unidentified program to back up all my data (calls, texts, contacts, photos, documents, downloads etc.) and then restore them with it. But they don’t offer any backup program / app, nor will they help in any way to protect my data.

I patiently explain that they only need to get one tiny piece of information from my phone, that their Android engineers will know how to get. But Nope. They are not going to speak with their engineers.

Since I have found no ability to influence Tracfone / América Móvil by asking for help, I have resorted to writing this Blog article.

Here are the attempts I made to get my phone to call again.

Part of it is verbatim from Tracfone “Support.”

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Richard Nixon Did Something Good ???

Nixon: I am not a crook

Nixon Lying: I am not a crook

I have to give ex-president Richard Nixon credit for one major good thing.

But first let’s put Nixon’s actions in context.

Hunter S. Thompson summarized Nixon so wittily —

“Nixon was so crooked that he needed servants to help him screw his pants on every morning.”

“He was scum. Let there be no mistake in the history books about that. Richard Nixon was an evil man — evil in a way that only those who believe in the physical reality of the Devil can understand it.

“He was utterly without ethics or morals or any bedrock sense of decency. Nobody trusted him — except maybe the Stalinist Chinese, and honest historians will remember him mainly as a rat who kept scrambling to get back on the ship.”

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