Only One Earth . . .

Earth From Orbit, Credit: NASA

Returning from Orbit a Space Shuttle Astronaut wisely observed —


“The first day we all pointed to our countries.

. . .

“The third or fourth day we were pointing to our continents.

. . .

“By the fifth day we were aware of only one Earth.”

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I Don’t Give em Hell, I just Tell the Truth and they think its Hell

President Harry S Truman

President Harry S Truman

“I don’t give them Hell. I just tell the truth about them and they think it’s Hell.”
US President Harry Truman

That pretty well describes my experience in local politics.

Mark Twain, my father’s favorite humorist, said

“Always do right. this will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

Mark Twain and Will Rogers are proof that if you want to tell the truth in politics, it helps to have humorist skills.

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Covid-19 Peak is Past in California. We’re Going Home !

Update April 14: SHIT !

California’s daily death numbers just spiked up yesterday to 101 – significantly above the previous peak of 60. On the other hand, the new daily cases-trend is apparently past the peak and on its way down. This underlines the necessity of waiting till Wednesday to get all the medical and reporting delay out of the system. Dang. The 7-day moving average of Cases going down is good news, but the daily deaths is the acid test. In England researchers have identified a 21 day lag between the cases and deaths, and 3 day delay while deaths are reported. Lets keep our fingers crossed the Cases trend holds.

We’re Going Home – Back to “Normal” as the Covid-19 coronavirus is past its worst intensity.

It is not going up exponentially, it is not even going up anymore !

The number of daily cases and deaths has been going down in California for 6 days. One more day of daily deaths not exceeding the peak of 60 and I believe its safe to call this a “trend.”

Indeed, even the number of USA cases is going down.

Calif-Cases Down as of Apr14

Calif-Cases Down as of Apr14

This is great news !

In China, after the cases and deaths went up to a peak the deaths dropped to zero within about a month. This does Not mean the pandemic is over. There will undoubtedly be more deaths and cases, but it is now fairly clear the Covid-19 (SARS-C0v2) pandemic in California is No longer getting worse. 


# # #

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Is California Past our Peak of Deaths from CoronaVirus Covid-19 ?

Daily Deaths California

Daily Deaths California – April 11

Update April 11: Good News. We may be at the top. Daily deaths in Calif are plateauing (not going up and definitely NOT going up exponentially), Daily Cases are distinctly dropping. Even USA daily deaths is now dropping ! But still need to wait till Wednesday to feel solid about this.

Daily New Cases in California- April 11

Daily New Cases in California – April 11

Daily Deaths USA

Daily Deaths USA – April 11

March 31 through April 2 - same number of California deaths for two days running. Not Increasing !

March 31 through April 2 – same number of California deaths for three days running. Not Increasing !

Update Apr 5: Preliminary Good News: Both Calif and USA show lower death numbers as of yesterday. But that;s just one day. Because of the weekend – lets not get excited about that until there is a solid trend with the numbers going down solidly.

NYT has a good article on why the number of deaths has been undercounted.

A very important idea the article did  not mention is how the undercounts are likely consistent. Meaning, if a state is undercounting the numbers, they are likely doing in the same way every day. This means the trend of the numbers is the key to whether we’ve passed the peak – not the absolute correct numbers.

DRATs – Update April 4:

Both California and USA numbers are still going up, meaning we are not yet at the peak. The only good news is they are not going up exponentially.

Update Apr 3: Multiple Good news – California deaths did not increase for 3 days. Broader, USA deaths DeCreased !

California “only” “lost” 32 people – each of the past THREE days. That’s almost a trend, it is more hopeful than yesterday.

Covid19-USA Deaths Dropped Apr 3

USA Deaths Dropped Yesterday from Covid-19 — It Did Not Increase !








It is hopeful for two reasons I have not written about before.

China Daily Death Graph - only about 6 weeks

China Daily Deaths Graphmore deaths than Seasonal Flu for only about 6 weeks 


  1. The 1918 Flu pandemic (and most Seasonal Viruses which this is related to) mutated to a relatively harmless version and relatively soon just went away.
  2. China Covid-19 deaths peaked around Feb 24th and is now nearly zero, far below Seasonal Flu deaths.

2. Update April 2: The number of California deaths has again stabilized at 32 “lost” each of the past two days. That’s not a trend, but it is hopeful.

For two days, its not going up, and certainly not going up exponentially ! Our ratio to New York is much better. New York has had the tragedy of ~2,400 deaths as of yesterday, while California is one-tenth that at “only” 215.

Update April 1: Sorry to report Bad News (not an April Fools prank). The waiting I advised turned out to be proper because instead of dropping, the number of California people lost to death by Covid-19 jumped up to 30 on March 31. Not good, and the people lost on March 30 has been revised – upward  to 21. So no, that was not a peak. Meaning we still have to bear down and be careful. We are still at a fraction of cases and deaths (183) which New York (800) is experiencing. Unfortunately, the gap is narrowing from NY which previously had 8 times the number of cases and deaths of California. That ratio is now down to about 4 times.

(And slightly good news in Italia – their daily death rate is no longer climbing. It is erratically around 750 per day.)

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50 times more Flu deaths per day than Coronavirus-Covid-19 in USA (as of March 8, 2020)

Gambling for Protection

The power of media to mislead on a scientific – medical statistical issue is alarming. Here’s a kick-in-your-teeth example.

As of today, March 8, 2020, tragically, some 18,000 Americans have died of the seasonal Flu this season.(1)

Yet “only” 19 have unfortunately died of the Cornoavirus (now called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, or SARS-CoV-2). (2)

That’s a thousand times more people killed by seasonal Flu – than by the Coronavirus-Covid-19 – so far.

Update April 1: As of  yesterday, March 31, the number of new Coronavirus Covid-19 deaths has jumped to 912 deaths in one day. About half the deaths occurred in New York (157) and Washington (110) states. California has reported 30 deaths.

Update March 23: As of  yesterday, March 22, the new Coronavirus Covid-19 has equaled the mean (average) number of deaths per day of the Seasonal Flu at 111. Today it has jumped ahead of the Seasonal Flu mean at 135 deaths in one day. About half the deaths occurred in New York (157) and Washington (110) states. California has reported 40 deaths.

Monterey County recorded its first death from this virus today. The victim had an “underlying health condition”. 

* Update March 28: Today the daily deaths from Covid-19 has blown past the daily deaths from Seasonal Flu. — 528 Covid-19 USA deaths on March 28  vs ~111 per day from Seasonal Flu. 

And the numbers are climbing; though (thankfully) not exponentially. Most of the deaths are in the New York  area. California (again thankfully) had “only” about an eighth of the number of daily deaths and new cases of New York.

Today California hit a new high of 20 deaths per day. The good news is the number of new daily cases in California is slowing from a very quick growth last week. Most California deaths  were in Los Angeles. Monterey County has had one death from the new virus.


Update March 24: Today CDC reports 143 new deaths in the US. That’s more than the Seasonal Flu’s 111 deaths per day, but barely an increase from yesterday’s 140. Does this indicate we are near the top ? Lets hope so.

Update March 26: Today the number of Covid-19 deaths in one day in the USA has gone down for the first time since it began exceeding the Seasonal Flu last week.

Is this just a momentary aberration, reporting errors, or as we all hope — are we really past the worst ? Keep Your fingers crossed.

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Why are you using the term “Special” Interest when the correct & Far Clearer term is “Financial” Interest ?



Business Lobbyist claims she’s representing “public interest.”

At an April 2002 Monterey County Planning Commission General Plan Update hearing, a Monterey Peninsula business lobbyist, Nancy Isakson, after stating she was hired to represent Salinas Valley Business interests – claimed she was working in the “public interest.”

What do you think of that?

Can someone be advocating for profit be representing the public interest?

Are public interests about the financial wealth of the greedy or the human health of the needy; those who need protection from the greedy? Continue reading

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Prius Secret Tips

Its quite a pleasure to get 52 miles to the gallon on the open road with my 2006 Prius. (And I just learned a new driving technique that seems to dramatically increase that ! – called Pulse & Glide – thanks to “dolj” on Priuschat.)

Recently my amazement / bragging about the Prius Fuel economy, inspired a friend to get a 2018 Prius that gets much better gas mileage than my 2006. The week after she bought it (new) she called me three times – “David, I’m getting 70 miles to the gallon.” – Next call — “David, I’m getting 92 miles to the gallon.” and the last call “David, I’m getting 102 miles to the gallon.

Wow !

Now she’s driving a Plug-in Prius  – which mine is not. And she was driving only a few miles to work and back home on the charge she got from the plug-in. Never-the-less, she took a friend to an event some 3 hours away loaded with luggage for two (2) and got a solid 80 miles per gallon on that journey. I’m impressed.

Here are some tips for my Generation (Gen 2) that are hard to find – or not clearly spelled out in the Manual.

1. How to Reset / Reboot a Prius when it won’t Jump-Start.

This is a tip I discovered by myself, when I was resigned to spending hundreds of dollars having my Prius towed to the dealer to have some electric module replaced. I had tried jump starting it with two different cars and my portable jump starter – with no success. While waiting for a tow truck, I remembered a trick I had used on a BMW. Amazingly, and thankfully – It worked. Here’s how to do it.

a) Remove one Battery lead – the small 12 volt battery – not the huge 400 volt traction battery under the back seat. Continue reading

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Protected: How to Quadruple California Train Commuters – without spending any Funds

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If its Not Coal or Oil – Wind generators must be good, or at least we don’t have any other choice. – NPR Gets it Wrong, So Wrong.

Dead Seagull, torn apart

Dead Seagull, Torn Apart

Would you support an industry that kills millions of birds every year, including Endangered species?

Last night I heard an appalling NPR Radio broadcast on Wind Generators that so deeply disappointed me I wrote a note to the Producer and Reporter.


James Morrison, Producer
Joshua Johnson, Host
NPR – 1A

Hello James and Joshua,

Tsk, Tsk. Not Up to Your Usual Standards.

Until last evening I have often enjoyed your 1A programs.

But your project last night on Wind Generators “Renewable Energy And Resistance” was painfully awful to listen to (even though I learned one tiny idea).

You should know, and be ashamed of, how your show was terribly biased, totally one-sided in favor of Wind Generators and “let’s ignore the harms.”

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Selfish US

Greedy - taking away from others

Greedy – taking away from others

Less than 60 seconds after I passed the US Border driving back from British Columbia a white pickup pulled out in front of me, making me slam on my brakes.

In Canada, it would never occur to them to do such a rude act.

In that moment I realized Americans are the most self-centered – most selfish people in the world.

In all the years I’ve spent in other countries, I’ve never encountered such systematic blatant, selfishness as I see in the US. Continue reading

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Arthritis Cured with Apple Cider Vinegar

Joel J Dilworth on Bars at West Point

Joel J Dilworth on Bars at West Point

Joel J. P. Dilworth was a West Point Gymnast who, among other talents, was amazing on the Rings. Although the Pommel Horse (spinning your body horizontally supported only by your hands) is difficult, most gymnasts will tell you Rings are the most demanding gymnastics.

It’s one thing for a person to pull his body up to and through rings with arms that are near the body, but elite male gymnasts do this with their arms completely straight. The farther away from the body a gymnast holds his arms, the less leverage he has to move his body upward… [They] need to have an incredible amount of core strength to counteract that reduction in the leverage.”

Still not convinced? Look up “The Maltese.”

After graduating West Point and serving some decades as an admired well-respected US Army officer, he was assigned to San Francisco’s Presidio where sadly, he acquired a nasty case of arthritis in his feet. Walking the few hundred yards (meters) to his office became terribly painful and took a good half hour. His doctor tried several things, but nothing helped. Continue reading

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Joel John Pershing Dilworth – a Military Diplomat

Setting a High Diplomacy Bar

Lt. Col. Joel J. P. Dilworth

Due to his gracious manners and thoughtfulness, Joel  Dilworth served as a diplomat for the US Army, perhaps the only one they ever had.

Thanks to General Patton recommending him, General McArthur selected Joel for the job as Liaison with the Japanese Military to help them build their Military academy after WWII. (A Liasion had  somewhat more respect than the “standard” military Attache who assisted State Dept. diplomats.)

The Japanese Military had such a high regard for him, they invited him to design the Academy tower – which still stands today.

One might wonder if that gentle facade had any un-diplomatic moments. Well, knowing him closely for more than half a century, I had the opportunity to hear this gentleman’s most disagreeable comments about others. Here are the worst. Continue reading

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Biden 2020 – Fraudulent Fox in Democrat’s Hen House

Biden Scowling - Caught Lying - Again

Biden Scowling – Caught Lying – Again

Biden 2020 – Fraudulent Fox in Democrat’s Hen House

Research by Biden Fact Squad, Roots Action

Biden vs Students: Making Student Loans Unforgiveable

“Biden was a key architect of the infamous 2005 Bankruptcy [Deform] bill which made means tests much more strict and near-impossible to discharge student loans in bankruptcy.” 

–Journalist Ryan Cooper, The Week (3-20-19)

Biden’s Racism – Disemboweling Affirmative Action

“Much of what Democrats blame Republicans for was enabled, quite literally, by Biden: Justices whose confirmation to the Supreme Court he rubber-stamped worked to disembowel affirmative action . . .”

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BEFORE YOU BUY TRACFONE – you need to know this — (and Never, ever buy América Móvil stock)

Tracfone (owned by América Móvil ) somehow screws up my phone so it can’t make calls.

bellingcat - Using Phone Contact Book Apps For Digital Research ...Then to fix their mistake they try to make me responsible for their error.

After speaking with at least 4 “Support staff” (the earlier ones either cut me off or were incompetent) Tracfone arrogantly tells me the only way to fix it is to Reset my Phone to its origin state.

The gigantic problem with that is there is no way to back up this Tracfone !!!

And Tracfone won’t provide a Backup program or tell you one that works.

So they try to shove the burden on me to find some unidentified program to back up all my data (calls, texts, contacts, photos, documents, downloads etc.) and then restore them with it. But they don’t offer any backup program / app, nor will they help in any way to protect my data.

I patiently explain that they only need to get one tiny piece of information from my phone, that their Android engineers will know how to get. But Nope. They are not going to speak with their engineers.

Since I have found no ability to influence Tracfone / América Móvil by asking for help, I have resorted to writing this Blog article.

Here are the attempts I made to get my phone to call again.

Part of it is verbatim from Tracfone “Support.”

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Signal Sucks – All Kinds of Security Problems. Use instead for easy encrypted calls, texts, video chat and super-high quality voice calls.

And so is Signal !

And so is Signal !

Edward Snowden uses Signal for making encrypted calls and emails/texts. So even though I’ll never need to call him, as a backup to Wire, I decided to install Signal while visiting overseas.

I was not happy that Signal invasively wanted a phone to verify an account, but I was using a foreign phone that would expire in a couple months, so ok. Lets give it a try.

Apparently, I successfully installed and verified it on a tablet. It was ready to call or text, but I didn’t yet have anyone to call who also uses Signal.

Fast-forward two months. Finally, a friend wanted to chat with me on Signal, so no problem, let’s fire it up and see how I like it.

Problem 1: Even though I had installed Signal only two months earlier it refused to run until I updated it.

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Richard Nixon Did Something Good ???

Nixon: I am not a crook

Nixon Lying: I am not a crook

I have to give ex-president Richard Nixon credit for one major good thing.

But first let’s put Nixon’s actions in context.

Hunter S. Thompson summarized Nixon so wittily —

“Nixon was so crooked that he needed servants to help him screw his pants on every morning.”

“He was scum. Let there be no mistake in the history books about that. Richard Nixon was an evil man — evil in a way that only those who believe in the physical reality of the Devil can understand it.

“He was utterly without ethics or morals or any bedrock sense of decency. Nobody trusted him — except maybe the Stalinist Chinese, and honest historians will remember him mainly as a rat who kept scrambling to get back on the ship.”

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Mutiny on the Colorado at 60,000 cfs

Colorado Wave

Colorado Wave near Sunset

The mighty Colorado River was thundering. Gushing at one of its highest flows in recorded history; some 60,000 cubic feet per second.

That’s some serious roaring whitewater; towering, tumultuous, treacherous rapids.

But on the paddle boat, raising a few eyebrows, some teamwork skills were notably absent.

Lets pause to backup a moment for some context.

Some years ago, my dear friend and World Class whitewater river guide, Alan Williams  arranged a Grand Canyon river trip for his family and invited me to join in.

Such a rare and eagerly anticipated treat.

What none of us knew in advance was the river would be roaring at its highest flow in recorded history – 60 thousand cubic feet a second.

For reference, 60,000 cubic feet per second is roughly the amount of water to fill four 3-bedroom houses – every second. Continue reading

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DMV – Losing Its Reputation !

Navigating the impossible DMV-Gauntlet

‘Oh…Mostly because we can. Now do you want to get your car registered or not?’

Fasten your seatbelts.
Because I’m going to tell you a true story — that you simply won’t believe.

For context, you may be familiar with the theme of how the California Department of Motor Vehicles (“The DMV”) has a reputation for gigantic wait times; lines that similar to Mountain passes – take literally hours to traverse.

And that’s when you make an appointment. Its worse if you don’t have an appointment, and you get scolded.

Along with staff so overworked, they barely have any sense of humanity, let alone a sense of humor.

Well, I am here to report the unbelievable. Continue reading

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Bet you wrongly believe you know the world’s tallest mountain :-)

What Mountain is that ?

Ok — What’s the world’s tallest mountain ?

Did you know a correct answer to this depends on your definition ?

1. Do you want to know what point is father from the center of our Earth? Continue reading

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Soaring Magnificence – Morning Glory Hang Gliding in Land of Oz

Had a marvelous flying adventure recently – two soaring flights on the magnificent, breathtaking, Morning Glory of Northern Australia. 

Morning Glories can be hundreds of miles long. They are the rarest of five types of soaring and only happen reliably in Northern Australia. Pilots are often understandably addicted to soaring them for their majesty, beauty, and near magical smoothness. Notably, in my opinion only two people can credibly explain how they work.

Morning Glory Sunrise Moment

This is my view under my right wing as dawn first peeks over the tallest Morning Glory wave cloud which is hundreds of miles long. It is swooshing towards me from ocean over the Gulf of Carpentaria. I soared this one for some 40 miles. Continue reading

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“Smart”car Start Process wins Award for Most Vexatious Unwanted Puzzle at The Wrong Time

"Smart"car in Charmel

(c) Copyright 2018 David Dilworth

I relish puzzles. My parents gave me books of them when I turned five, to keep me occupied while we drove cross-country. As they told it – I’d finished them all by the second day.

However, solving puzzles to start a car is not my favorite. I’m happy to leave those to Sherlock Holmes, Mensa, car thieves, or anyone else. Which brings us to the so-called “Smart”car.

There are a lot of pleasant benefits with a “Smart”car.
They are darn cute, lots of people smile and wave when they see it – kind of like driving with a happy puppy hanging out the window. Indeed, they are so short I really have (legally) parked it straight in to a tiny parking spot – rather than parallel to a roadway. Also the cars get good, though not amazing, gas mileage, and (if you like this sort of thing) it feels like driving a Go-Kart, particularly over undulating, curvy roads. Continue reading

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First Wild Wolf in a Century seen in Carmel Valley, Monterey County ?

This is an exciting, sincere narration of an event by a captivating humorist: Daphne Wynne Nixon

Gray Wolf - Courtesy Calif. Dept Fish and Wildlife

Gray Wolf – Similar type and pose to Daphne’s Sighting,
Courtesy Calif. Dept Fish and Wildlife

A very bright, outdoor painter, who has a track record of finding cool  stuff no one else has noticed for centuries (she found California’s missing Mission), Daphne believes she met a Wolf in Carmel Valley this February, at a distance of no more than 30 feet.

Daphne’s observation is very difficult to dismiss because she regularly sees and knows well her local coyotes, bobcats and even mountain lions walking through her yard.

The nearly full moon was out and her outside yard lights were blazing in the animal’s face. She could easily compare the wolf’s size with her Siberian Husky Ziggy, who at one point was only about 15 feet from the wolf (Ziggy was on a leash).


For context – this is not a Big Foot sighting (no evidence ever), it is not a Mammoth sighting (they haven’t lived here for 10,000 years) or a Polar Bear. It is a possible sighting of a Grey Wolf that not only exist, and used to live right here in Monterey County, they have been sighted very recently only about 200 miles away.

In any case, whether you believe Daphne met a Wolf or not, read on and you will discover she is a delightfully entertaining writer —

“I was walking Ziggy last night at 10:45, or rather, I stood next to my house with all the porch lights on at the top of my driveway hoping my Siberian Husky would hurry up and pee. I felt nervous outside alone in the full moon light. No one around for miles out here in this remote valley of the Santa Lucia Mountains by the Big Sur Wilderness.

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