Bet you wrongly believe you know the world’s tallest mountain :-)

What Mountain is that ?

Ok, — What’s the world’s tallest mountain ?

Did you know a correct answer to this depends on your definition ?

1. Do you want to know what point is father from the center of our Earth?

2. Or do you want to know what is the tallest mountain from bottom to top ?

3. Or do you want to know what is the tallest mountain from sea level ?

It makes a difference because the answers to these are three different mountains.

The tallest mountain from sea level – is Mount Everest or Chomolungma (Tibeta) or Sagarmatha (Nepali) on the Nepal/Tibet Border.

But the tallest mountain from base to top is Hawaii’s Mauna Kea.

Its only 13,800 feet above sea level, but when you include its underwater base it reaches over 33,000 feet (10,000 meters).

However, we have another surprise for you.

Since our planet is not totally round (its a bit like  squashed ball), mountains at the equator are farther from the Earth’s center than mountains equally high above the ocean at the poles.

This results in the peak farthest from the center (and closest to the Moon and other satellites) is Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador.

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