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PG&E Can’t Buy CyberAttack Insurance anymore (actually ALL Energy Corp. Cyberattack Insurance was cancelled.)

Know anyone who had their insurance cancelled ? And you imagined big corporations were immune from that insult. Well, apparently some goofy things corporations do are just so far beyond stupid (too big a risk) that Lloyds of London won’t … Continue reading

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You Own Your Personal Information — A Real Privacy Bill of Rights

(c) Copyright 2008-2013 David Dilworth The following article is a summary of the Report “Personal Information Privacy Rights Table which outlines the five (plus one) crucial protections needed to insure legal privacy anywhere from any unauthorized collecting or use by … Continue reading

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Runaway Environmental Impacts from GMOs Need Investigation

An English Agricultural Research Station called Rothamsted Research is preparing to harvest some Genetically Modified Wheat seeds in Spring 2012. A food protection group (Take the Flour Back) is planning a rally for natural food on May 27th. John A. … Continue reading

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For Consumers: The Best Monterey Peninsula Businesses (and the Worst)

The Best (and worst) Monterey Peninsula Businesses A business only gets on this list if — 1. I have had direct personal experience with them, and 2. They have provided exceptional service, reliably – with no bad experiences. These local … Continue reading

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Skin Cancer Cures ! Melanoma No More

In 2003 after a significant amount of research, I wrote about 3 extremely promising potential cures for skin cancer / melanoma. Based on those research results, I predicted that within 10 years no one should die of skin cancer – … Continue reading

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Google Earth – Formal Error

Google Earth has a formal “benchmark” named “Point Sur” on top of a mountain some 3 miles North of the genuine Point Sur. I tried to notify them to correct it – but to communicate with them, Google Earth requires … Continue reading

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Doing Nothing Beats Doing Wrong

“Doing Nothing is Always Superior to Doing Something Wrong” – David Dilworth, March 2011 You probably can not guess who is my favorite President since I’ve been of voting age, or why. You’re right, “favorite” is way too strong. Lets … Continue reading

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