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Everybody Loves Boobs

This is a scream – with a deadly serious message.

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How Long Would You Like to Live? Centuries?

Dear Friends, Did you ever imagine biology research could help you finish your to-do list? A team of researchers (including a Noble Prize winner) has found an easy way to make new stem cells from your own organs. This means … Continue reading

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New World Record? Six Logical Fallacies with a Single Sentence promoting Genetically Modified Food

(c) Copyright 2012 David Dilworth This is an article about an Analysis(1) of a web article (“The anti-GMO campaign’s dangerous war on science”). The web article by Michael Eisen is a hypocrisy drenched assault on Informed Consent, Food Safety proponents, … Continue reading

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Silver-Bullet Virus Killer: Colds, maybe Cancer and more

Cure for the Common Cancer Here’s news of some extraordinary research — an experimental drug that seems to be able to make impotent any cells infected by any type of virus without harming healthy neighboring cells. New drug could cure … Continue reading

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Skin Cancer Cures ! Melanoma No More

In 2003 after a significant amount of research, I wrote about 3 extremely promising potential cures for skin cancer / melanoma. Based on those research results, I predicted that within 10 years no one should die of skin cancer – … Continue reading

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Curing Warts: Duct Tape works Better than Freezing

Here’s an eye opening science research article that found putting Duct tape on a wart removes a wart more often than the standard dermatology practice of freezing a wart with liquid Nitrogen.

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