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Best Advice ever on how to buy a New Car

While I doubt I’ll ever buy a new car (they lose thousands of dollars in value the moment you drive them off the showroom floor), here is an excellent step-by-step advice on how to buy a new car.

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Alaska’s Bristol Bay Destruction Mine Project Fatally Wounded by US-EPA – Expected to Die soon

We won. Well, actually the magnificent natural landscape of Alaska’s Bristol Bay and all the wildlife and plants that call it home have won a big victory. One of the world’s largest Mines, the Bristol Bay project, has suffered a … Continue reading

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Skeptico Misunderstands Basic Logical Fallacies – and Spreads his own Fallacy Fog

This is an article about several Logical Fallacy disputes. On one side is me, describing my Analysis of more than two dozen logical fallacies found in a blog article by Michael Eisen favoring Genetically Modified food. On the other side … Continue reading

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Doing Nothing Beats Doing Wrong

“Doing Nothing is Always Superior to Doing Something Wrong” – David Dilworth, March 2011 You probably can not guess who is my favorite President since I’ve been of voting age, or why. You’re right, “favorite” is way too strong. Lets … Continue reading

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