CIA is Recruiting – “Right Here in River City” (Monterey) – No Reservations or Morals Needed

Leon Panetta - Remote Controlling a Killer Drone?

Recent CIA Head Leon Panetta – Remote Controlling a Murderous Drone?

Yes indeed folks.
We both know times are tough.

But, have you ever imagined yourself hired as James Bond?

Have you thought about working for the CIA?


They’re hiring, they pay great, want smart people (who don’t ask questions and don’t have any of that sticky moral baggage), and best of all – criminal laws don’t apply to employees.

Yes, you could get paid to officially “extraordinarily render” (also known as kidnap) people, use “enhanced coercive interrogation techniques” on them, and if you show promise they might even let you “put them down” or “euthanise” them.

Just like being a Mafia hitman, except there’s no threat of going to jail !

Middlebury College

Middlebury College

They’re recruiting this week, right here in Monterey at Middlebury College’s Monterey Institute of International Studies and its easy – “No reservations are required.”

This is much better than James Bond stuff, because if you sign up — you could remotely pilot Reaper and Predator drones from a computer at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada, “collaterally damage” unarmed civilians halfway around the world (“C.I.A. Drones Kill Civilians in Pakistan), and get back home for a Saturday morning golf tee time at Pebble Beach.

Or you could “body snatch” random people – and waterboard them in secret prisons in exotic places, thumb your nose at Geneva Conventions — and sneak in some sight-seeing after work.

Abu Ghraib Prisoner

Abu Ghraib Prisoner

Don’t let Dick Cheney, Richard Pearl and Don Rumsfeld hog all the War Crimes – you too can conduct targeted assassinations “bump offs,” and maybe get indicted by some beautiful European countries.

Aren’t you inspired by George W. Bush, Barack Obama and our hometown boy turned CIA Chief Executioner and Assassin Leon Panetta and their military drones with rockets and bombs?

I know, I know, CIA drones have only killed 2,000 Pakistanis since 2006. (and it is darned inconvenient they were mostly civilians, and yes you’re right, we aren’t technically at war with Pakistan), but still – YOU could help increase that total body count to impressive numbers.

Uncle Darth Wants You

Uncle Darth Wants You

And they hand out free stuff at these recruiting sessions like a CIA logo pen, logo carry bag and . . . (but I’ll save that for another article.)

So put on your spiffiest suit, leave your morals and sense of humor at home, and get on down to Middlebury’s MIIS.

Uncle Darth Sam Wants You to Help Make this a Fear-Based World.

Update March 2013: Not wanting to be left out the NSA (super secret US government agency) put on an information forum for prospective employees at MIIS on March 9th, 2013 at Noon.

Both three letter agencies now do this at MIIS every year !



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CIA Recruiting Ad

CIA Recruiting Ad on Monterey County Herald website

I bet you didn’t know the Monterey County Herald was advertising CIA Recruiting, this is an ad from 2010.

Abu Grahib photos – WARNING !!! WARNING !!! these are the real photographs of prisoner abuse at Abu Grahib prison. They make some people physically sick.

Obama Authorizes International Assassination Campaign

Secret panel can put Americans on “kill list’

The CIA and NSA Want You to Be Their Friend on Facebook

The CIA’s impunity on ‘torture tapes.’ That the CIA could destroy its videotapes of 9/11 conspirator interrogations without penalty is a shocking abuse of democracy

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