How Long Would You Like to Live? Centuries?

2,000 Year Old Man Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner

2,000 Year Old Man Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner

Dear Friends,

Did you ever imagine biology research could help you finish your to-do list?

A team of researchers (including a Noble Prize winner) has found an easy way to make new stem cells from your own organs. This means that just like those Volvos that keep running for millions of miles, doctors could keep replacing your body parts that fail – not just until you make it to 100 years old — seemingly forever !

“If this can be reproduced in humans, it will be a paradigm changer” Robert Lanza, chief scientific officer at Advanced Cell Technology in Marlborough, Massachusetts

If this research holds up – it will change our world, forever, in a huge way.

The article that caught my attention is titled “Stem cell power unleashed after 30 minute dip in acid

This research points to the ability to repair any new body part with stem cells. Livers and kidneys to start; then I suspect hearts and maybe even brains.

This means we may not ever need to die – until we want to.

There’s no doubt in my mind this work will definitely win a Nobel Prize – if it holds up. (I note that it is not April 1rst)

The process essentially stresses some of your adult cells using a mild acid and the resulting cells are even more fundamental (more controllable) than stem cells – which can grow to be any part of a body.

Stay tuned.

Update: That didn’t take long. Less than a week later a Harvard researcher leaks details of a study with the same results using Human cells ! Though there are details to confirm, this appears to be the real deal.

Update March 29, 2014
Controversy over the papers. Science in controversial stem cell papers may be sound

Welcome to a whole new world of biology – where humans and other animals never need to die.


Stimulus-triggered fate conversion of somatic cells into pluripotency

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