PG&E Can’t Buy CyberAttack Insurance anymore (actually ALL Energy Corp. Cyberattack Insurance was cancelled.)

New York Power Blackout 2003

New York Power Blackout 2003 (simulation)

Know anyone who had their insurance cancelled ?

And you imagined big corporations were immune from that insult. Well, apparently some goofy things corporations do are just so far beyond stupid (too big a risk) that Lloyds of London won’t insure them anymore.
In a little noticed news item that should be front page lead story of New York Times, BBC reports that energy corporations can no longer get multi-million dollar insurance against cyber attacks !

Energy firm cyber-defence is ‘too weak’, insurers say

and a Slate article “Energy Companies Can’t Get Cyber Attack Insurance Because Their Defenses Are Too Weak” adds a bit more detail and examples.

A 2011 article on this website warned about the incredible danger to our country from cyber attacks using “smart” meter infrastructure.

SmartMeters Facilitate Cyber War Against US

It describes how a lone hacker with a laptop and some spare time can easily learn how to disable a neighbor’s electric, gas and water supply just by simple monitoring of “smart”meter wifi signals. Then with a tiny added bit of imagination how the hacker could disable the electric, gas and water supply for an entire community, or all of California – or any other state.

The rationale is solid, so why was it ignored, until now, when Lloyd’s of London says “Sorry. We won’t insure you anymore.

Are computers too much of a “black magic” to elected officials that they don’t understand this ?

The solution, actual protection from these attacks, is simple – Stop Installing “Smart”meters and replace the existing ones with the old analog type meter — which also puts meter readers back to work.

When that dangerous “smart”meter infrastructure doesn’t exist – it can’t be attacked.

I predict the selfish utilities and their rented puppets (electeds) will intentionally ignore all of us and focus only on protecting their sources of energy/water production: Power plants, reservoirs etc.

That is, they’ll ignore us until Lloyd’s of London says something like “Uhh. It doesn’t matter if your energy and water sources are protected, if all your customer’s systems are turned off by hackers – you can’t sell them electricity – or anything else.

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