Recovery: Wolf family returns to California with Pups

Five wolf pups and their parents were photographed in Northern California recently.

The last confirmed wolf living in California was more than 90 years ago in 1924. (One  wolf,the famous wolf OR7, visited California in 2011.)

Wild wolves historically inhabited California, but they were all killed by humans.

While one should regard wild wolves with deadly caution, only one human is known to have been killed by a wolf in North America. (1)

Europe is a different matter. Wolves are known to have killed humans in Europe and Asia on a historic and regular basis.


1. During the entire hundred years of the twentieth century, there were zero documented (let alone confirmed) cases of healthy wolves killing or seriously injuring a person in North America. In 2010, a short (4’10”) woman was killed by 2 to 4 wolves in a remote town, Chignik Lake, in Alaska. A young man was presumably killed by a wolf in Point North Landing, Saskatchewan in 2005.

Further reading : “Photo Shows Wolf Pups in Northern California

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