What do I mean by “Science?”

What do I mean when I use the term “science?”

Science Facts:
When I use the term “science” related to facts or methods — I mean experimentally derived observations using publicly described methodology.

Science Reasoning:

Use of logic to apply facts to reach conclusions. Avoiding use of logical fallacies.

Science Thinking:
When I use the term “science” related to science as a mode of thinking – I mean philosophy of science based on experimentally derived knowledge.

Science as a Body or an Institution:
 I do not recall writing about “science” as an institution. If I ever do I expect to explain it as a two bodies of researchers: one body conducts experiments and gathers observations of natural phenomena and a different group works on mathematics and explanations. There is a third group that does not theorize or experiment – they only administrate (See Administratum – the heaviest known element).

I have worked on the side of experimental evidence based thinking to educate others about how some ideas cannot be examined by experiment, such as Astrology and Dowsing. Some advocates of the latter category refuse to provide definitions.

I believe it is not appropriate to publicly object to anyone else’s philosophy or religion which is not based on experimentally derived knowledge – unless they try use such experiment-free “facts” to interfere with other people’s lives.

However, when someone tries to influence or make harmful governmental decisions using deception with a facade of experimentally derived facts – I support opposition in the form of public education of the best available science; the best available experimentally derived facts. 😉

Published January 30, 2013, Update Feb 1, 2016


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