SmartMeters Facilitate Cyber War Against US

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3 Responses to SmartMeters Facilitate Cyber War Against US

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  2. Ann Z Cox says:

    We have been fighting smart meters with all our power. The PUC and NVE have all the power, we the people, have none. Theses ugly things are being crammed down our throats and we highly resent it. We have tried and tried to be heard….we have not been!!! I protest having my analog meter removed and I protest being “fined” for months and years after, being subject to 4th amendment violations, health hazards, etc. I want to keep my analog meter! NVE can stop this nonsense–but it wants the fed. Handout $$$!! Ann Cox in Carson City, NV

  3. Norm says:

    We are in a battle! Remember what Winston Churchill said in 1941.

    Never give up! Never, never, never, never.

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