Soaring Magnificence – Morning Glory Hang Gliding in Land of Oz

Had a marvelous flying adventure recently – two flights on the magnificent,  Morning Glory in Australia.

Morning Glory Sunrise Moment

This is my view under my right wing as dawn first peeks over the tallest Morning Glory wave cloud which is hundreds of miles long. It is swooshing towards me from ocean over the Gulf of Carpentaria. I soared this one for some 40 miles.

The view of the cloud from the top (my favorite), was heart-filling.

Just for reference – when looking for landing areas, all the rivers are literally infested with our world’s biggest, fiercest Crocodiles ! I never saw one, but the locals strongly advised us not to go to the beaches with – “We haven’t had an incident since the 1980’s” !!!

For more on this see my new Flickr page

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