Casey Lucius – EcoFaux or Eco-Fraud ?

“I do not use environmental concerns in my decision making . . . 

and I never will.”

Casey Lucius - EcoFraud

Casey Lucius — Eco-Fraud “I do not use environmental concerns in my decision making – and I never will.

The five of us who heard this politically absurd declaration were stunned nearly speechless.

While Pacific Grove grows or collects some wonderful environmental protection advocates,
somehow the town seems to attract more than its share of carpetbagging Eco-Fauxs. Sadly, LA’s Sandy Kauffman and Stockton Developer Dan Cort come too easily to mind.

However, that jaw-dropping utterance was not from Cort, Rush Limbaugh or even Donald Trump. It was shamelessly proclaimed by Casey Lucius during her political campaign for Pacific Grove City Council on Monday evening, April 16, 2012.

Her response came as she ran for City Council, when Pacific Grove Neighbors interviewed her and asked her how she planned to employ environmental protection in her Council decisions (since she boasts of teaching decision making).

Now she wants you to believe her leopard has changed its spots.

To paraphrase Ms Lucius, Pacific Grove Neighbors did not endorse Lucius’ candidacy and likely never will.

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This was originally sent in as a letter to the Editor of the Herald on June 1, 2016
The Herald’s Letter editor, Don Miller called back to say he approved of it and intended to run in that Sunday.

Because it never appeared, I sent in a slightly shorter version of it Oct 25th. Here’s hoping for publication while it means something.

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